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Chang Dental Clinic Case Study Answers

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Bridget Mackey, DMD, DMSc

Dr. Bridget Mackey believes that taking the time to educate patients and listen to their concerns is key to providing the best possible dental care. She entered the profession at the encouragement of her own dentist and orthodontist. One of her goals is to make dentistry a positive experience for her patients.

Originally from Wisconsin, she now calls Massachusetts home. After studying chemistry in college, she continued her education at the Marquette University School of Dentistry, where she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2006. She is delighted to have worked with the Chang Dental Group since 2012.

Dr. Mackey maintains membership in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the New England Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, actively pursuing high quality continuing education. She takes pride in creating health and improving function, while also restoring teeth to their natural beauty. She attends workshops and seminars at the prestigious Spear Institute in Arizona to enhance her knowledge, skills, and passion for great dentistry.

From 2011 until 2015, she held a faculty appointment at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, recently deciding to step away from teaching to turn all her energy toward treating patients. Her professional memberships include the American Dental Association and the Massachusetts Dental Society. As a member of the Academy of Sports Dentistry, she can counsel both youth and adult athletes on the prevention and treatment of sports-related dental injuries.

Outside of the office, Dr. Mackey likes to spend time with her pets, run, train for triathlons, and enjoy the New England outdoors. She was honored to run the Boston Marathon in 2013 and 2014 for a local non-profit, Dream Big!, which provides Boston-area middle and high school girls from low-income situations with the equipment they need to participate in athletics.


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