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We hope our collection of UCAS Journalism personal statements provides inspiration for writing your own. Please do not plagiarise them in any way, or UCAS will penalise your application. Our Personal Statement Editing & Review Services are available if you feel you need a little extra help.

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It’s all about the headline. It’s about getting your point across in the most direct way you can. These personal statements are very good example of this, in just a few lines I have to get my message of why I want do a degree in Journalism across to my prospective universities...

The media's the most powerful entity on earth. An interesting quote from Malcolm X, who also claimed, Without education, you're not going anywhere in this world. I wish to combine these two passions and follow my ambition to become a journalist by continuing my studies into Higher Education...

I have for as long as I can remember had a fascination with people and different cultures which has manifested itself in the areas of work I have chosen during my time in travel, a national advertising company and at a filming company...

Journalism Personal Statement

The amplification of the inexplicable joy as I finished producing my first piece was too palpable to ignore. It perpetually hung in the surrounding air as waves of electrifying impetus to the growth of the infantile writer residing in every fibre that constitutes my body and whom I gradually nourished with a lucid thought-process and dexterity at juxtaposition of words...

Today within our society, the wide sport sector is expanding and developing and is becoming more influential in our lives. This increase in popularity and accessibility has had an affect on my interest and involvement in this subject and the different aspects involved in sport...

Journalism Personal Statement

Askoxford.com defines a journalist as 'a person who writes for newspapers and magazines or prepares news or features to be broadcast on radio or television'. This to me is a hollow definition, being a journalist is much more than just writing for a newspaper or magazine...

Journalism and PR Personal Statement

Today journalism is such a persuasive factor in opinion building that no person, group or business can claim immunity or afford to under-estimate the ability of the fourth estate to affect their fortunes, either for better or for worse (Gigi Van Der Reit 1998) What has always intrigued me is how the media and PR industry manage to influence the way people think...

The media's writing style today is owed to the 'New Journalists' of the 1960's and 1970's who transformed the approach towards Journalism. I am making this application as I am fascinated by the vast scope which is covered by the subject and how in today's society the media plays a major role in every subject imaginable and affects everybody's life in some way...

Journalism Personal Statement

'Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.' Walter Elliott This epitomises my outlook on life. As a person I'm competitive, even more so when there is an end goal, and career wise for me, that goal is to educate nations on the development of the world...

Journalism Personal Statement

Through the years media has become one of the most powerful entities in the world. This, combined with its social element and dynamic, ever-changing nature is what mostly has inspired me to choose this field of study for my higher education...

International Journalism Personal Statement

My favorite author Haruki Murakami once penned 'nothing so consumes a person as meaningless exertion' and, to me, pursuing a higher education and future career in media is the one thing that has never seemed meaningless to me...

Your personal statement (or admission essay) is your opportunity to show the admission officers why you would be a perfect fit at the university, how you would contribute to the student body, and why the university should accept you over other candidates.

The admission officers of top universities have shared their opinion on what common mistakes the students make when writing their personal statement.

  1. Repeating what is written in the application form. Your essay is your opportunity to tell the admission officers something that you could not include into your application form or delve into something you wrote there. There is no point in simply retelling your application or CV.
  2. Not writing to the specific university. Apart from telling about yourself, your statement should also demonstrate how you would fit in at the university you are applying to. Explain one or two things about the university that make it the best one for you. Make sure that you are not writing only the general things that can be true for any university.
  3. Having a boring introduction. It is not a good idea to start your essay by repeating the question asked or introducing yourself. Think about something to grab the attention of the admission committee. For example, you can start from conveying something that you really believe in or describing a situation which influenced your way of thinking.
  4. Trying to make too many points. It is better to focus on a single well thought-out point than briefly mentioning many different ones. Think about supporting your points with various examples.
  5. Not sharing something about yourself. When writing you should always ask yourself if your essay reveals something about your character. Your essay should be unique and personal.
  6. Forgetting to proofread. Not only proofreading helps to avoid spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors, but also gives you an opportunity to check if your essay does not accidentally contain the name of another university you are applying to.
  7. Forcing humour. Do not try to sound witty or funny if you are not. In any case if you include a joke into your essay, be sure to ask an adult or two to read it to see if they agree with you that it is funny.
  8. Trying to be someone else. Don’t try to seem like a perfect student who is committed to every subject area, has numerous talents, plays multiple sports and enjoys volunteering and extra-curricular activities if it is not who you are. Just be yourself and express your genuine thoughts and feelings.
  9. Not answering the question. Each application form includes brief instructions on the points you are asked to cover in your essay. Make sure that your essay addresses those particular issues.
  10. Writing your personal statement (essay) at the last moment. It is not wise to hurry up and writing your essay the night before it is due. Start writing well in advance, take some time to think about it and return to it later to polish.

Examples of successful personal statements (admission essays)

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  2. Motivation letter of a student applying to Biology programme.
  3. Admission essay of a student applying to medical programme.
  4. Motivation letter of a student applying to Dutch technological university.
  5. Motivation letter, written by a student applying for the MSc Computer Science programme.
  6. Motivation letter of a student enrolling in the Master's Logistics programme at a Dutch university.
  7. The letter of motivation of a student applying for the Natural Science programme at a Dutch university.
  8. Admission essay of a student enrolling in the Bachelor's IBMS programme at a university of applied sciences in Holland.
  9. Motivation letter of a students applying for the Arts programme taught in the Netherlands and Austria.

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