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Monster Ate My Homework Grade 4

Presentation on theme: "MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 4/28 Spring Pictures Say cheese! 4/29 Field trip to St. Mary’s to watch A Monster Ate My Homework. 5/2 April Reading Log Folders are."— Presentation transcript:

1 MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 4/28 Spring Pictures Say cheese! 4/29 Field trip to St. Mary’s to watch A Monster Ate My Homework. 5/2 April Reading Log Folders are due 5/4 Adventure Aquarium Field Trip. In order to attend this field trip in any way, you must have your clearances on file with the office. Please contact the office if you have any questions. 5/5 Ascension Thursday – No School 5/8 Mother’s Day 5/26 May Procession at 9am 5/30 Memorial Day- No School 6/3 Field Day 6/10 Grandparents Day Always make sure to check our school website for additional news and upcoming events. Spring into a good book! First Grade News April 25 th -29 th 2016 On Friday morning, we will travel as a whole school to St. Mary’s to attend this year’s HFS production of A Monster Ate My Homework. Please make sure that your child eats a hearty and healthy breakfast on Friday morning. Thank you. Friendly Reminder... Now that warmer weather is here, please remember to pack a water bottle daily. Healthy foods and hydration helps to maintain focus in the classroom. School Supplies Please check with your child to see if they need any additional school supplies. Supplies may include a new pencil case, colored pencils, crayons, or pencils. With allergy season upon us, we are running very low on tissues. If you have not done so already, could you please bring in the following this week. Girls: Could you please bring in one box of tissues. Boys: Could you please bring in one small container of child friendly wipes. Thank you SO much! Spring into good study habits!

2 This Week’s Curriculum Notes Math – Our Chapter Eight, Time and Money, assessment is on Monday. Please review telling time and counting mixed coins this weekend. I encourage you to play one of the money math games that were sent home this week. Next, we will dive into more advanced addition and subtraction. Create flash cards and review the dot method of adding and subtracting with your child. A number line or a hundreds chart are also visual supports to help your child with adding and subtracting. Reading – This week, we will read, Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper’s House. Genre: Realistic Fiction. Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect. Phonics & Spelling – This week, we will focus on suffixes –ly and –ful. We will also review the vowel sound in moon. This week’s spelling words and sight words are attached. Please continue to reread the Decodable Readers and poems that are attached to this month’s reading log folder to build fluency. Grammar & Writing – All about adjectives! Students will identify adjectives within a sentence. We will also practice incorporating rich adjectives into our journal writing. When reading with an adult this week, identify nouns, verbs and adjectives within a story. Religion - We will complete Chapter Twelve, The Church Serves. We will begin Chapter Fifteen, We Belong to a Parish. Social Studies and Science – All About Aquatic Animals! We had a blast learning about ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle. Ask your child what they have learned about the importance of Earth Day. Discuss ways your family can go green. Enrichment Ideas! We’re having a ball learning! Beach balls are an excellent way to get outside and make learning fun. Purchase a beach ball and write math facts or sight words on each stripe. Go outside and toss the ball to one another, reading the facts/words your hands land on. We’re having a ball in first grade!

3 Spelling Words Test date: Friday, April 29 th Suffixes –ly and -ful slowly playful careful sadly quickly gladly useful nicely painful wonderful High-Frequency Words: because across Challenge Words: Vowels in moon tooth spool scoop goose Words to READ told only across because dance shoes opened

4 April 25 th -29 th Sight Words Have your child read this week’s list of sight words to you frequently throughout the week. Review previous lists to monitor retention of these words. Thank you. faithful friendly peaceful safely thankful boastful perfectly playful careful helpful quickly joyful wonderful useful nicely Suffixes –ly and -ful moon broom snooze cool tooth spoon spool noon zoom swoop hoop gloom scoot tool goose Vowels in moon

This game is good for kids who need help with:


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

When playing A Monster Ate My Homework, players must think carefully not only about the order in which to knock monsters off the platform, but also about the angle of each shot. If they fire haphazardly, they will likely knock their own homework off the edge and hurt their score. For the best chance of success, players must carefully plan out each move and rotate the camera to see every part of the level before firing a shot. This gives them the opportunity to plan out the best strategy until they achieve a perfect three stars in each level. Players that fail to take these initial preparatory steps will have difficulty scoring three stars.


Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

Each level of A Monster Ate My Homework presents a unique challenge, requiring players to shift their approach level to level. Homework is sometimes surrounded by several monsters, and other times it may rest on top of a pile of them. It may even be lying at the base of a tall monster tower. Sometimes monsters simply tip over and fall when hit, while others explode and push back the monsters and homework around them. If players fail to try different strategies, they will have a hard time dealing with the new layouts and monster types.

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