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Customer Service Excellence Case Study

Case Studies

If client satisfaction is important in your business, you can imagine how vital it is in ours. We take pride in the business results our clients have achieved and the many service problems they have solved. Read these stories to learn more about their triumphs and to see how uplifting service can help you.

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  • AIA Malaysia

    Financial Services | Asia
    Learn how one of the largest Asia-based insurers embarked on a service cultural transformation, improving their Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 32% and Customer Effort Score (CES) by 25%.
    • Best Customer Experience Management of the Year (Insurance – South Asia), Asia Pacific Customer Service Excellence Awards.

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  • Air Mauritius

    Airlines | Africa
    National airline returned to profitability and achieved prestigious 4 Star Skytrax rating in 24 months.
    • Whole organization, high intensity “Stepping UP Together” program.
    • Engaging 3,000+ employees, unions, partners, and national community.

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  • CapitaMalls

    Real Estate | Asia
    An extensive real estate network known for stunning architecture and expansive shopping options uses service as a sustainable competitive advantage.
    • More than 100 shopping malls in 52 cities. 3,500 employees.
    • Blended learning implementation.

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  • Changi Airport

    Aviation | Singapore
    Service turned Singapore’s busiest departure point into a one-of-a-kind, award winning destination.
    • 66 Million passengers per year.
    • 200+ stakeholders, 38,000+ employees.
    • “Most Awarded Airport in the World”

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  • Coca-Cola Hellenic BSO

    Retail | Europe
    A fast-growing Shared Services Centre, located in Bulgaria operating for the second biggest Coca-Cola bottler in the world.
    • A shared services center with a fast-growing service portfolio.
    • Over 650 employees serving 24 Coca Cola Hellenic countries and 5 corporate offices.

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  • First Gulf Bank (now FGB)

    Financial Services | UAE
    One of the fastest growing banks using UP methodology and courses to engineer a ‘Service First’ culture, and deliver their new brand promise.
    • 40+ Certified Change Leaders, 5,000+ employees, 8 countries.
    • Awarded ‘Best Bank in the UAE’.

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  • Globe Telecom

    Telecom | Philippines
    Telecommunications giant using service culture as a differentiator. Increased market share and achieved best ever financial results in 18 months.
    • Largest mobile network in the Philippines.
    • UP course and tools taught to all 8,500 employees and partner network.

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  • Habib Bank Ltd (now HBL)

    Financial Services | Pakistan
    The largest bank in Pakistan increased customer loyalty and satisfaction across a vast geography in one year.
    • More than 1,500 branches.
    • Domestic market share over 40%.
    • Service education for 11,000+ employees, using 40+ Course Leaders.

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  • LUX* Resorts

    Hospitality | Global
    Used uplifting service to redefine luxury while saving costs in the competitive island tourism industry.
    • 9 island resorts.
    • 3,000+ employees.
    • 22% increase in TripAdvisor scores.

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  • Marina Bay Sands

    Hospitality | Singapore
    Iconic integrated resort successfully trained every employee in four months, dramatically improving customer experience and internal service.
    • 2,600 rooms, 1.3M square feet of convention space.
    • 10,000+ employees.
    • 24% increase in TripAdvisor scores.

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  • Microsoft Corporation

    Technology | Global
    Global leader in software and hardware maintains a competitive advantage with customers and partners worldwide.
    • UP education and tools used to engineer and improve Customer and Partner Experience.
    • 101,000 employees, 600,000 partners.
    • 60+ Course Leaders certified.

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  • NIIT Technologies

    Technology | India
    Software and systems integration company increasing employee engagement and inspiring new ideas to deliver greater value to customers.
    • Serving global customers across industries.
    • More than 80 Certified Change Leaders engaging 10,000+ employees.

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  • Nokia Siemens Networks (now NSN)

    Telecom | Global
    Increased profitability, customer loyalty, and employee engagement scores, while reclaiming market share.
    • 60,000 employees.
    • 125 Certified Change Leaders.
    • Service education in 15 languages throughout the world.

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  • NTUC Income

    Financial Services | Asia
    Learn how a conservative insurance giant made their service come alive, claiming the #1 market position in sales and customer satisfaction.
    • 1,500 employees, 1M+ policy holders.
    • Three-year uplifting service “revolution”.
    • Achieved #1 position in customer satisfaction.

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  • Parkway Health

    Healthcare | Asia
    One of Asia’s largest healthcare providers embedded UYS education programs and service tools into the operating system across hospitals.
    • Dramatic improvement in NPS scores and cost savings.
    • Increased focus on increasing what patients value and on reducing waste.

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  • Royal Vopak

    Services | Asia
    Learn how the world’s largest oil and chemical storage giant stepped up its service to earn higher profits and secure long term customer loyalty.
    • 26 terminals facilities in 10 Asian countries.
    • UP! Your Service training delivered in 7 languages.
    • Unified service improvements across the region.

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  • Singapore Airlines

    Airlines | Asia
    Learn how this world famous airline maintains it highly profitable position and earns its reputation of providing ‘Service Other Airlines Talk About.’
    • Frequently ranked #1 international airline in the world.
    • 106 aircraft, 65 destinations, 15,000 employees.

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  • Singtel

    Telecom | Asia
    Using UP methodology and education across the Group. 40 Certified Change Leaders, 10,000+ employees.
    • Went from worst to best in CSAT in the country in 12 months.
    • Highest ever Net Promoter and employee engagement scores.

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    Financial Services | Mauritius
    The leading financial solutions provider in Mauritius for insurance, retirement plans, wealth management and stockbroking for corporate clients and individual customers.
    • Launched ‘Ideas Box’ project to gather service improvement ideas.
    • Revised orientation program so new team members learn shared service principles.
    • Implements new actions on ideas raised from service education workshops.

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  • Temasek Polytechnic

    Education | Asia
    Learn how this educational institution gives students an edge in the competitive job market with a winning service-mindset.
    • 1,000+ students trained in UP! Your Service each year.
    • 50 Certified Change Leaders among academic staff.

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  • The Republic of Singapore

    Country | Asia
    Learn how this island nation made service the backbone of its thriving economy, with uplifting results in conventions, hospitality, finance, legal, medical, logistics, supply chain, government, education, and research.
    • 5 million residents, 2.5 million employed.
    • Among the world’s highest rankings in competitiveness, innovation, ease of living, and of doing business.

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    Retail | Africa
    Learn how a leading distributor and retailer of home appliances and consumer electronics in Mauritius chose SERVICE to differentiate in a competitive marketplace.
    • Senior Leaders Team and 350 employees aligned on new service vision: Uplift Your World. Everyday.
    • Customer satisfaction measurably improved through innovative service ideas.

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  • Wipro Technologies

    Technology | India
    Learn how this Indian-based IT powerhouse deployed Up! Your Service training to dramatically improve client satisfaction as “proactive value-adding service partners”.
    • 200+ key accounts selected for improved service.
    • 15% customer satisfaction increase in 12 months.

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  • Xerox

    Technology | Middle East
    Market leader known for quality and sales performance. Deployed UP programs to differentiate based on service and turn complaints into loyalty.
    • Immediate boost in employee motivation.
    • 53% gross profit growth and 52% net profit growth in 12 months.

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Customers expect the highest levels of service from the businesses and organisations they come into contact with. Similarly, organisations hope their customer service will help to retain customers and grow their business and services. The standard focuses on delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism and staff attitude. It also requires you to have a comprehensive insight into your customer, understand the user’s experience and have sound processes in place to measure customer satisfaction with the service.

Embed CSE into your organisation

CSE is a driver of continuous improvement. Organisations must assess their own capability and set challenging targets in relation to customer focussed service delivery, at the same time as implementing processes to identify areas and methods for improvement. The CSE standard is based on the following key principles of customer service:

  • Segmentation – who are your customers?
  • Customer Insight – what do they need?
  • Customer Journey Mapping – how do you ensure their needs are met from beginning to end?
  • Access Channels – how do they use your service?
  • Drivers of Customer Satisfaction – are your customers satisfied?

The focus of the standard is to embed Customer Service Excellence in to the culture of your organisation, by using the criteria at the heart of your day to day activity.

Organisations which have achieved the standard found the experience to be useful in the guidance that they received from the standard and the assessment experience.

Demonstrate your commitment to customer service with an assessment against the Customer Service Excellence Standard from SGS.

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